Promotional Clothing

Promotional clothing is a branding tool that any company can use; it announces your brand everywhere you go, whether you are visiting clients, walking in the supermarket or running errands. The truth is, you might never know who you are going to run into that will see that logo on your cloth.

It is an easy way to get your company name and brand out there, if your company have the logo on the uniform, it is a better because you will look both smart and professional. See for more information.

It is not necessary you put your company’s logo on clothing; you can promote an event or a project that you are working on using clothing. On that event, you can use a stand with your logo and put on t-shirts or jackets with your company’s logo in front and a message that you want to deliver on the back.

The general overview of the benefit of adding your brand to clothing is that first, it provides a team that looks professional and staff that can be recognised while out. Your company will be out there and this could be a starting point for a conversation, and if your company has an exhibition at an event, it will be easy for visitors to recognise your staff.

The most important thing to remember when choosing promotional clothing is that, it should fit your company’s image. It is good to use colours that work well with your corporate colours. For example, for a logo that has green and black, it will be confusing in terms of the image you want to present if you use like a red t-shirt, a black one would work well.

The logos and messages can be embroidered or printed on the clothing. Embroidery is long lasting and durable than print; it looks great on simple left chest designs. It will depend on what garment you are planning to put them on, embroidery looks good on a polo while prints look good on t-shirts, the fabric on t-shits is thinner and therefore embroidery machine could pull the material.  Prints are cheaper than embroidery; therefore, if you are on a tight budget print is the way to go. In bigger designs it is best to use prints because bigger designs look good on prints, they will stand out from a distance.

It is good to think of the clothing that will be best for your employee, will it be their daily wear or just occasional wear for events. Items for daily wear should be durable and easy to wash. You should also think of the type of clothing that will suit your company. Like for example, a sports company should choose a polo and a hoodie. A professional look can be presented with a branded shirt, because it gives a good image.

There is a lot to think of when looking for promotional clothing. There are different professionals that can help you out. They will give you a wide range to choose from and a large portfolio to give you some inspiration. Do not hesitate to contact them.