Customised shirts

What do you want to stamp? A design to give as a gift? Do you have a bachelor party? T-shirts for the village parties? Do you have a sports team and do you want everyone to have their number and name on their back as well as your shield and sponsor logos? Are you a company and want your logo embroidered on poles for your employees?

Customising shirts is an excellent opportunity for many situations. Whether there is a company that wants to make uniforms with its logo, or a person looking for a gift, with the printing of shirts people can capture those details to their liking. Getting your event or business noticed can be a lot simpler with a customised shirt!

Clothing details

These are some of the clothing options that companies count with:

  • Personalised high-end t-shirt, practical and functional, with a modern cut that always feels good.
  • FABRIC: 100% Cotton, Belcoro yarn. Ash 99% cotton, 1% polyester. Marbled grey: 97% cotton, 3% polyester.
  • Maximum printing size: 28cm x 42cm
  • The client can customise with the design they want, whether they are texts or images.
  • Digital silk screen printing of high quality and sharpness, with a professional finish and full colour.
  • For personalisation, bottomless images (transparent to 100%), in PNG format, are recommended.

There are customised stores that count with an online website from which the client can make the designs in their own way and save them to then make the impression.

How to use the customiser?

With the help of the design tool, the client can create a unique shirt in the blink of an eye. They can unleash not only their creativity but also their personal fashion style.

Customers can make their own customised t-shirts very easily. Clients just need the idea, and the company puts the rest.

  • The client can write a text in “Add text.” Then people can change colour, rotate it, expand it, choose fonts and above all, put what people
  • Clients can upload photos or designs from their computer in “Upload an image.” Upload JPEG and PNG files (ideal for making transparent backgrounds).

The recommendation is that the photos are at 300ppp, and if possible at a size of 28cm wide. The more image quality, the better the print will be.

  • In “List of designs,” the client can navigate through the web designs or search until they find a design that they like. After adding it, the client can do with it, its own creation.
  • Clients can also create Team group shirts, with each person name and number on it. It is a great opportunity to wear everyone the same look and be awesome.

Probably each customer will come up to with their unique style, and it will help them to take a quick look at the most popular and sold clothing available.

The customer also has all the freedom to design: Whether in the front, back or on the sleeve, they simply have to place their design, text, name or logo in the desired place and they will have their shirt printed exactly as they imagine it.

Once the creative process is over, customers can buy the product, or save it for later use. Clothing is like a canvas to show personality. Everybody chooses a style that fits perfect for each person.

Important Facts about Jet Skis

If you enjoy water sports, jet skiing can be a great deal of fun. It’s a whole new experience which provides you with an adrenaline rush. Everyone who is an avid beach goer knows there are hundreds of people jetting around in the waters. Some are having a good time with their family while others are enjoying the thrill of a stand up Jet Ski which is far more adventurous than other deigns. Jet skis come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The following are a few basic facts on jet skis for beginners.

Facts for beginners on Jet Ski in Gold Coast

  • Before you go ahead and buy a Jet Ski keep in mind that you should know how to operate a basic ski. This means you might have to take a few classes before you can master the art of jet skiing. Once you get a hang of it you could easily purchase one based on your requirements.
  • When buying a Jet Ski keep in mind that it is made up of different designs and meant for different purposes. Get to know why you are buying a jet ski. Is it o have an awesome adventure or whether a nice water sport for the family to enjoy. Your choices would help you buy the right model.
  • There are the sit down and stand up versions of the Jet Ski Gold Coast. Get to know which one are you most comfortable using.
  • The sheer power of these machines requires skill and effort to be driven. It’s something which shouldn’t be taken lightly. As a beginner you might be swayed into buying one which has extra power and is built for speed. Make sure you curb that desire to go ahead and buy something like that. Choose something which you can handle and operate according to your skills.

Safety tips while handling a Jet Ski

  • When handling a jet ski make sure that you are wearing an appropriate attire. You should wear a ski suit paired with a life jacket as well.
  • The safety key should be tied around the waist. A safety key is a key which is used to start and stop the engine and is available in bracelet or necklace form to be worn in way that you don’t lose it. It can also be put in plastic and tied around the belt which is worn on the waist.
  • Avoid making blind turns and keep an eye out for other vehicles as well. Keep in mind that a jet ski doesn’t go in reverse. Keep the speed low if you are a beginner and gradually increase it as you learn trough using and handling the Jet Ski on your own.

Keeping the above safety tips in mind would let you enjoying your jet skiing session a great deal more and also help ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

Promotional Clothing

Promotional clothing is a branding tool that any company can use; it announces your brand everywhere you go, whether you are visiting clients, walking in the supermarket or running errands. The truth is, you might never know who you are going to run into that will see that logo on your cloth.

It is an easy way to get your company name and brand out there, if your company have the logo on the uniform, it is a better because you will look both smart and professional. See for more information.

It is not necessary you put your company’s logo on clothing; you can promote an event or a project that you are working on using clothing. On that event, you can use a stand with your logo and put on t-shirts or jackets with your company’s logo in front and a message that you want to deliver on the back.

The general overview of the benefit of adding your brand to clothing is that first, it provides a team that looks professional and staff that can be recognised while out. Your company will be out there and this could be a starting point for a conversation, and if your company has an exhibition at an event, it will be easy for visitors to recognise your staff.

The most important thing to remember when choosing promotional clothing is that, it should fit your company’s image. It is good to use colours that work well with your corporate colours. For example, for a logo that has green and black, it will be confusing in terms of the image you want to present if you use like a red t-shirt, a black one would work well.

The logos and messages can be embroidered or printed on the clothing. Embroidery is long lasting and durable than print; it looks great on simple left chest designs. It will depend on what garment you are planning to put them on, embroidery looks good on a polo while prints look good on t-shirts, the fabric on t-shits is thinner and therefore embroidery machine could pull the material.  Prints are cheaper than embroidery; therefore, if you are on a tight budget print is the way to go. In bigger designs it is best to use prints because bigger designs look good on prints, they will stand out from a distance.

It is good to think of the clothing that will be best for your employee, will it be their daily wear or just occasional wear for events. Items for daily wear should be durable and easy to wash. You should also think of the type of clothing that will suit your company. Like for example, a sports company should choose a polo and a hoodie. A professional look can be presented with a branded shirt, because it gives a good image.

There is a lot to think of when looking for promotional clothing. There are different professionals that can help you out. They will give you a wide range to choose from and a large portfolio to give you some inspiration. Do not hesitate to contact them.

Rugby Jersey Printing

T-Shirt Printing: What you need to Know

Are you looking for printed T-shirts which offer good value for money? You are at the right place. Finding printed T-shirts within your budget is not easy. You might be looking for customized T-shirts to hand out to the members of your school’s student council. Maybe yours is an organization which is looking for customized T-shirts which would be handed out at a yearly event. No reason why you need those T-shirts, just make sure you keep the following things in mind.

Choose a company which offer good customer service

Ever been in a situation where you found yourself complaining about a particular product only to be left hanging on the line? It’s often the case with most services. Though they may say that customer is always right, it’s not so always. That’s why it’s extremely important that you focus on company which can provide great service you may not be satisfied with the quality of their T-shirt or would like to make a few amends in the printing process. A good company would make sure they listen to your directions carefully and even hand out a sample before printing everything.

  • Make sure you let the manager know what you have in mind. A person who wants to provide good service would pay attention to detail. They would listen to you carefully and also answer most of your queries.
  • It’s necessary that the person who is in charge for the printing process is detail oriented. After all customized T-shirts need not look like cheap replicas. A creatively designed t-shirt can look well turned out.
  • Avoid people who might say yes to your every whim and fancy. A manager knows what would work best on a certain fabric or design. Though you may be loaded up with ideas, not all of those can be put through. After hearing what your requirement are, a good manager would let you know which of your ideas would work and which wouldn’t.

Experience counts

Though this by no means should deter you from offering business to a new start up, but keep in mind that an experienced printing agency would be able to get the job done in a better way. The main reason is that they have all the necessary tools to make your T-shirts look great. Make sure you go through their portfolio. You may come across some designs which might appeal to you. Even if you would like a unique design of your own, it wouldn’t matter to take inspiration from prints which are already looking good.

Look at the testimonials

Its quite normal to see a list of testimonials on websites which explain how customers felt about a particular product. Getting a look at what people have to say can help you make intelligent choices. For example if a customer has had a good experience with the company it’s an indication of their great customer service.

For more information on T-shirt printing make sure you contact


The Best Sports Uniforms

How to Choose the Best Sports Uniform

Are you searching for the best sports uniform for your team? Wondering how you could select one which is just right for you? You are at the right place. Choosing a sports uniform should be done carefully. The right kind of sports uniform can make a great deal of difference. It can help instill a team spirit and boost the team morale as well. Plus the shape cut and size of the uniform should also take into account the players preference and the sports for which you require the uniform.

Make sure to keep the following things in mind when buying sports uniform for your team

The color of the uniform

The colors of your team strongly represent what your team stands for. For example purple is the color of royalty and when a team chooses to wear it, gives off the impression that they are the very best at what they are doing. This creates a great deal of confidence in your team’s spirit. Similarly the colors would sometimes represent the school’s colors or the colors of the social club which the team belongs to.

The correct sizing for each team member

The number of people who are playing for the team are definitely different sizes. So ordering a one size fits all uniform isn’t the best way to go about it. A smartly dressed team gives off a great impression and you want to make sure that all your members look well represented. The uniforms should fit well and look good too. So make sure you check for the size and fit of all the members before asking for the uniforms to be made. Being meticulous when it comes to sizing can make a whole lot of difference. If the team looks good, it will help boost their morale as well.

The material of the uniform

The material of the uniform actually depends upon the sports for which you require the uniform. Cheer leaders need uniforms which is super flexible and stretchy. Similarly the basketball teams requires well fitted tees and shorts which are made from breathable material. Also it’s a good idea to never compromise on the quality of the fabric. Imagine a team with sports uniforms and apparel from Australia, which are comfortable. They wouldn’t be able to give the stellar performance which is expected of them if the uniforms don’t offer the necessary flexibility and comfort. Also the shoes for the team members should be comfy and provide a buoyancy which helps keep them light weight.

The logo of the team should be imprinted on the uniform as well. This enhances team spirit and boosts the morale of your team. Make sure that when you order the uniforms, you don’t forget to mention that the log should be obvious and the main feature of the uniform. Whether it’s the initial of the school or college which the team represents or a certain company which the team I playing for.

For the best sports uniform which are high quality and great to look at a well, make sure you check out the stuff available at Australian suppliers.

Types of Sporting Equipment

Lawn Bowls Equipment

Lawn Bowl Background

Lawn Bowls is a competitive game that’s played mostly in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada, and in some parts of the United States.  It’s very popular in Australia.

People have played the game, or at least something very similar, since ancient times. There are actually 5000-year-old Egyptian hieroglyphics showing youngsters playing a game with large balls across four-meter lanes.

Lawn Bowls is a low-impact, therapeutic exercise that’s ideal for retirees looking to improve their health.  Most players, in fact, are over fifty-five years of age.  The disabled enjoy the game, too. This shouldn’t, however, make anyone think Lawn Bowls is an easy game reserved for the elderly and restricted.  It’s certainly not.  It’s an extremely stimulating and exciting sport that challenges an individual both physically and mentally and takes years to master.  The game is also an excellent way to socialize with friends and is also an ideal way to meet new ones.

Lawn Bowl Objective

Lawn Bowl can be played outdoors, on a lawn, or inside, in a Lawn Bowl Club.  Indoor Lawn Bowl is played on a carpet or synthetic lawn.  A “faster green” indicates that the Lawn Bowl takes more time to reach the Jack; about fourteen to nineteen seconds longer, and should be rolled on a wider curve.   A “slower” green means that the Lawn Bowl takes less time the reach the Jack, about ten to fourteen seconds less, and should be rolled to take less grass or on a less curve.

There are various lawn bowl clubs throughout Australia. Rules vary in slight ways across countries, but essentially, in Australia, the game’s object is to place as many lawn bowls as close as possible to a white ball called a “jack” and sometimes a “kitty.”  Two players can play against one another and multiple people can play in teams.

More information can be found at the Official Website of Bowls Australia:

Home page

Australian Lawn Bowls from Perth

Lawn Bowl Equipment

Standard equipment for Australian Lawn Bowl includes:

  • Lawn Bowls. Lawn Bowls are biased, that is they are made to roll on a curved trajectory.  Manufacturers initially achieved the curve or bias by inserting a weight on one side.  Now, manufacturers achieve the curve by altering the shape of the bowl.  Bowlers eventually learn to control the bowl’s bias by they way they hold they hold and throw the Lawn Bowl.   Lawn Bowls once used to only come in black or brown, now they are available in a range of colours.  Bowlers can also purchase labels or stickers to mark their lawn bowls for themselves and identify teams.

There are junior size Lawn Bowls for younger players and indoor and lawn versions, too.  The aforementioned green speed additionally impacts how a player chooses their Lawn Bowl.

There are many Internet sites that advise how to roll the Lawn Bowl.  Here is one:

A Lawn Bowler can also purchase various bags in which to carry their Lawn Bowls.  There are bags in which the bowler carries and those that roll.

  • Jack (or Kitty). Most rules indicate that the Jack is white, but some shops also offer it in yellow.  There are indoor and lawn versions, too.
  • Lawn Bowl Clothing. Like most sports that have a history and that are played in clubs, Lawn Bowl has a dress code.  White has always been the standard colour.  Women usually wear blouses, skirts, and shoes and men usually wear shirts, trousers, and brown shoes.  In recent years, however, rules have relaxed.  Women’s trousers, polo type shirts, and the colour grey have become acceptable alternatives.  Clubs also have their own codes for indoor play.   A Lawn Bowler also wears certain shoes for either indoor or outdoor play.

These are the basic essentials.  Most lawn bowls shops also offer a wide range of additional equipment, including mats, lawn markers, scoreboards

Why Sponsor a Rugby Union Team

Sponsorship in the sports industry is a vast and very opportunistic industry simply because of the type of relationship that exists between a company and a sports team. Companies that well known globally are the common ones to fund individual athletes or the whole team and it costs millions or more per year. One has to wonder if the costs is worth it compared to the benefits or revenue in sales. What it really comes down to is  the sport played, the team or individual player and the company who is sponsoring. Rugby union is a sport played in over 100 countries across all the  continents making it a well known sport. Rugby has also been recently included in the Olympic sports competition which promises to ignite even more interest in financial investment. The traditional investors  are England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales (best known as the Six Nations), and Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Due to popular demand for this sport has raised the commercial value in these countries. The following are a few of the benefits to sponsorship:

Advertising Opportunities

Advertising these days can be a  difficult effort for many businesses. However, sponsorships allow for a company to always be advertised through the team whether it is game gear, company products being used , or ads (on Tv or the game arena ) etc.Every sponsorship package or deal varies and may have certain benefits built in: field signage, website advertising, company logo, design or name on the  uniforms, etc.This level of recognition actually costs less and yields benefits beyond what is expected. It really is as simple as a team member wearing a jersey or sports jacket made by the company for millions of people around the world to decide that they also want one. Not only are people being hyped about a brand but those who didn’t know will become aware of it. The further a team goes, the more free media coverage they will receive and can expanding the marketing reach. Expansion of the product leads to revenues that can be invested into making more products of different sorts. Depending on the company there may be room to venture out in the types of products or services they provide. This is a cycle that will always work positively for each other.

Good Will

Whether the team that is being sponsored is a small hometown team or international sensation, there are many fans involved emotionally to the team. People will always follow the team they’re loyal to. Sports is something that is widely supported for a multitude of reasons beyond what one can even list. For that reason, companies that help make it viable to keep a team going financially throughout the season are without a doubt recognized and appreciated for their support. Whether a company helps directly or not, the customer’s positive feelings will always lead to an increase in the market share, revenue, and customer loyalty for the business.local businesses investing has a positive effect on the community. From a public relations standpoint, a community gathering together in support of their  local  team is the type of feel-good story that news media want to share.