History of Rugby Union

Was Rugby Union Invented Accidentally?

Rugby union is argued to have been invented accidentally in the year 1823 as suggested by a number of theories. It is said to be born in this year at the playground of a certain Rugby School in Warwickshire city located in England. We are told to this day that a pupil who was 16 years old known by the William Webb Ellis did what was unexpected by the demands of the ball game in this playground whereby he took the ball by catching it (this was allowed) and made a further step of running forward with this ball (which was not allowed). It is from this point that rugby was discovered and made the pupil, William Web Ellis to be accredited in a number of quarters as an inventor to the earliest type of Rugby.

Introduction of Rugby Union Rules

The new ballgame started to gain popularity in each and every day. This spreading resulted in the introduction of the first rules of Rugby. This establishment is known to be made in the year 1845. The first rule was the one which involved the method of scoring the points. This was from the senior pupils of the Rugby School. The total points totaled 37. Another rule was the one which involved the way of positioning while on the playground. There was one amazing rule in this kind of game which suggested that the game was able to be conducted over a period of 5 days having natural sleeping breaks fixed in between. On the graduation of the students who engaged in this Rugby game, the game is said to have made another further step of spreading countrywide and outside the country.

From the time when the game was first established, a number of variations were observed in the rules of Rugby game up to the year 1871. It is in this year, 1871 when the Football Union of the Rugby team was introduced for the purpose of unifying these variations in the rules. The union performed a number tasks and many pieces of training pertaining the game which imparted knowledge to a large multitude. It conducted meetings in which a number of clubs become well informed about the game.

The introduction of Rugby Football Union made it possible for other home unions to be established. The first establishment was that of Scottish Football Union which took place in the year 1873. The Rugby Football Union of Irish was the one which followed in the year 1874 and then the South Wales Rugby Football Union which was established in the year 1875. A big step followed which involved an international championship which was conducted amongst this four unions in the year 1882.  But there was recorded a number of disputes in this period pertaining the winner of this game due to the absence of formal points system. France then joined and made the unions add up to 5.

Spread of the Game

From the year 1874, the game spread out in a number of countries where Rugby Unions were establishment. The first match by the Rugby Union took place in March 1938 whereby Scotland won the game by 21-16 at the playing ground of Twickenham. Ever since a number of Championships have been held others involving the worldwide participation of the Rugby Unions.