Customised shirts

What do you want to stamp? A design to give as a gift? Do you have a bachelor party? T-shirts for the village parties? Do you have a sports team and do you want everyone to have their number and name on their back as well as your shield and sponsor logos? Are you a company and want your logo embroidered on poles for your employees?

Customising shirts is an excellent opportunity for many situations. Whether there is a company that wants to make uniforms with its logo, or a person looking for a gift, with the printing of shirts people can capture those details to their liking. Getting your event or business noticed can be a lot simpler with a customised shirt!

Clothing details

These are some of the clothing options that companies count with:

  • Personalised high-end t-shirt, practical and functional, with a modern cut that always feels good.
  • FABRIC: 100% Cotton, Belcoro yarn. Ash 99% cotton, 1% polyester. Marbled grey: 97% cotton, 3% polyester.
  • Maximum printing size: 28cm x 42cm
  • The client can customise with the design they want, whether they are texts or images.
  • Digital silk screen printing of high quality and sharpness, with a professional finish and full colour.
  • For personalisation, bottomless images (transparent to 100%), in PNG format, are recommended.

There are customised stores that count with an online website from which the client can make the designs in their own way and save them to then make the impression.

How to use the customiser?

With the help of the design tool, the client can create a unique shirt in the blink of an eye. They can unleash not only their creativity but also their personal fashion style.

Customers can make their own customised t-shirts very easily. Clients just need the idea, and the company puts the rest.

  • The client can write a text in “Add text.” Then people can change colour, rotate it, expand it, choose fonts and above all, put what people
  • Clients can upload photos or designs from their computer in “Upload an image.” Upload JPEG and PNG files (ideal for making transparent backgrounds).

The recommendation is that the photos are at 300ppp, and if possible at a size of 28cm wide. The more image quality, the better the print will be.

  • In “List of designs,” the client can navigate through the web designs or search until they find a design that they like. After adding it, the client can do with it, its own creation.
  • Clients can also create Team group shirts, with each person name and number on it. It is a great opportunity to wear everyone the same look and be awesome.

Probably each customer will come up to with their unique style, and it will help them to take a quick look at the most popular and sold clothing available.

The customer also has all the freedom to design: Whether in the front, back or on the sleeve, they simply have to place their design, text, name or logo in the desired place and they will have their shirt printed exactly as they imagine it.

Once the creative process is over, customers can buy the product, or save it for later use. Clothing is like a canvas to show personality. Everybody chooses a style that fits perfect for each person.