Commercial Rugby Sponsorship

Rugby and the Need for Commercial Sponsors

Rugby is a team sport developed at Rugby School in Rugby, Warwickshire. This is one of many football versions played in English public schools in 19th century. Nowadays it is one of the most well-known sports in the world, however it is missing one point; the way it engages with commercial partners. This is the point wherein sponsors are very much needed. Getting a famous brand to sponsor a team will be a great help to develop a new team.

The game is only popular in a small number of countries. Aside from that the rugby economy is skewed to only few major media and sponsorship market. It’s great to see World Rugby being a dynamic force and committed on expanding the game not only for males but also females.

Like all the other sports, Rugby needs to improve on one particular area. This will help if they wanted to improve and keep the sport relevant to the next generation of players and fans. What we mean by this is that the Rugby sector should change the way they view the corporate sector. They should stop viewing this sectors as a company that gives them money but it should be more than that. Much as they wanted to work independently Rugby teams needs sponsors. They should be treating them as their sports partners instead of just being bank holders holding cheque. In partnership, there should be an exchange of value. Rugby has so much to offer to their sponsors which in exchange can help the sport in reaching new people. If they could stop looking at their sponsors as a box of cold, they should see them as marketing channels. Consumer brands particularly the fast-moving consumer good sector are communicating to their audiences on a day to day basis using different channels. Either via advertising or content marketing. Having that said, think of how many people they can reach if they use Rugby as the heart of their advertisements and marketing strategies. Think of how many people will be interested to watch the sport if they learn about this. Think about those young kids who will love to play the game because famous brands are endorsing it. There will be a lot.

Talking about exchange of value, while the corporate sectors are giving Rugby the much needed publicity, Rugby in return can give this sectors more revenue. With the interest of the crowd to the sport, they will love to use the products used by these football players that they admire. This will also mean that it will be generate more jobs thus, it can help in reducing the unemployment rate. Economy this is going to be a win-win situation to everyone.

The goal of the Rugby world is not only to get a sponsor but rather they should also work hard in keeping them. They have to remember that this sectors are also protecting their image as a company therefore they should make sure that they will value it. Think of this as the norms and standards. Losing a sponsor will be bad to the entire community because it connote that as a team you weren’t able to follow their rules or you were not able to deliver what is expected.