Rugby 2003

Rugby is a sport that is highly dependant on keeping close contact between the participants for the possession of the ball with which they sprint to the other side where they deposit it to earn the control of the field. It is basically an engaging sport that requires skill in being fast and developing strategies of more magnitude than those employed by the opposing team so that a single player can penetrate the opposite line that marks the goal. Every touch of the ball on this line is considered an inning.  In terms of major sports, it’s considered one of the most brutal – as far removed from the game of lawn bowls as you could expect.

The WC in 2003 was sponsored by one of the big automotive manufacturers in Australia and it’s now not uncommon to see rugby starts driving their sponsored cars around (see the FCAI for more details on the vehicle connection)

Rugby is widely played in most continents from amateur to professional level.  Travel the world and you’ll find players staying in Ubud hotel, Argentinian tents and Sydney backpackers.

The sport’s governing body usually hosts a world cup after the passage of a four year period which culminates in the winning nation attaining the prestigious cup. There are two major organizations that hold championships in successive intervals including the northern hemisphere grouping that consist of six countries in the European continent. There is also the championship that is hosted by teams from the southern face of the globe. Apart from these professional play-offs there are smaller leagues that are operational within national borders of different countries.

Rugby is played in a field that stretches over a length of one-tenth of a kilometre (bit bigger than a hockey field) which gives the players enough space in which to interact. The main target for a win is a goal that consists of two upright posts and one bar at the center at which point the player touches down with the ball. The sport was originally practiced in the first quarter of 1800s in Britain.

This info was sponsored by Mazda Australia